Each lesson is designed to include the following: 

·      Warm Up introduces students to the topic and sparks inquiry. 

·      Guided Exploration integrates learning activities and assessments while focusing on the key financial literacy learning objectives of the lesson.

·      Money Talk$ Tips are provided throughout lessons to offer additional guidance, interesting and relevant financial facts, and additional ideas to help make Money Talk$ a success in the classroom.

·      Group Exploration allows students to work in small groups to understand concepts and solve problems together. 

·      Independent Exploration activities are designed to engage students in the process of learning through individual discovery, research, and interpretation. These activities are more independent than the Guided and Group Exploration activities and may also be used as homework assignments or independent study. 

·      Wrap Up provides a reflection question or activity to review lesson concepts and allow students to demonstrate their understanding. 

·      Student Handouts, Group Handouts and Presentation Slides provide energetic instructional support. Student and group handouts create an opportunity for students to apply their knowledge and for instructor to assess their understanding. Instructor presentation slides offer visuals and interactive activities corresponding with lessons. 

·      The Answer Key, Glossary, and Standards Chart includes all the information needed to check for understanding, define key terms, and check which activities meet specific education standards.