Our Program


Money Talk$ is a comprehensive development program for students to develop an understanding of financial concepts. 

Money Talk$ is a 6 month curriculum with after-school classes held biweekly.  Money Talk$ will periodically have guest speakers throughout the program, in which visitors from different professions (ie. Wealth Management, Finance, Law and Entertainment) will be invited to give insight to the students about working in their respective industries and the importance of building financial freedom.

A variety of assessments are integrated throughout each of the lessons. Assessments are designed to build value, meaning, and context around each topic, while providing the instructor with the opportunity to evaluate prior student knowledge, and collect evidence of their new understandings of lesson concepts and skills. Pre and post assessments are noted on the first page of each lesson. Assessments include discussions, reflections, questions and answers, reading, writing, problem-solving exercises and student handouts.

Lesson Plan

1. Career and Job Opportunities

2. Financial Goals

3. Cash Flow & Budgeting

4. Savings

5. Investing

6. Debt & Credit

7. Financing College

8. Personal Finance Decisions

9. Starting A Business

10. Motivation